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Advertising agency in Amman - Jordan 


A great creative strategy is at the heart of all great advertising. A strategy is a simple statement of a product's benefit, and emphasizes the reasons why consumers should believe that statement. Understanding a product's most compelling benefit does not only require a profound knowledge of the product, but also a profound knowledge of the customers ; more precisely, how the product fits into the costumer's life. And how it can be different from other offers/ Product's.Accordingly, true consumer insight is the most critical element of a great strategy. For advertising to be intriguing, its strategy must be intriguing as well, it must be simple, it must be single minded and it must be direct. At Correct, we spend as much time on developing the ideal strategy as we do on the creative executions. Why? There has never been great advertising that did not have a great strategy - ever. We work with the aim to create great advertising.


Mission )


 To provide high quality service that combines creativity with value pricing, while establishing a successful relationship with our customers. 


Vision )

To develop and change the marketing & advertising perspective and to show how creative, accurate, innovative and effective it can be.


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